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Accommodation and Tourism in and around Palapye

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Moremi Gorge, situated deep within the hills, accessible on foot through a steep climb, is the source of three permanent waterfalls. The first two are smaller but fan out into large waterholes. The uppermost falls are ten-metres high, cascading over rocky outcrops and collecting in a deeply hidden, lushly vegetated lagoon.

Moremi Gorge is of great religious and spiritual importance to the local community and designated National Monument by the Department of National Museums and Monuments. The surrounding area is co-managed by the Moremi-Mannonye Conservation Trust and Botswana Tourism Organisation. (Source Botswana Tourism)

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The Khama Rhino Sanctuary (KRS) is a delightful stopover for tourists travelling by road to Botswana’s northern reserves or an ideal weekend getaway destination from Gaborone or Francistown. Just 20 km from the historically significant village of Serowe, KRS is highly accessible for travellers. This community tourism project, managed and staffed by local village residents, offers game drives, birding, bush walks, and arts and crafts shopping. It also has an education centre where many young children from all over Botswana come for environmental education. To date, KRS has 35 white rhino and serves as a source for their reintroduction back to the Moremi Game Reserve, the Makgadikgadi, the Northern Tuli Game Reserve, and elsewhere. And – much to the credit of KRS staff – the male and female black rhinos have mated, and the sanctuary’s first baby black rhino was born in 2008! (Source Botswana Tourism)

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Old Palapye is a significant multicultural historical site containing artefacts from the Middle Stone Age, the Late Stone Age, and the Early Iron Age. In contemporary times, the village became the 19th century capital of the Bangwato (led by Khama III), who occupied the area from 1889-1902. The occupation of Old Palapye is significant in Botswana’s history, particularly its role in restricting the Ndebele’s penetration to then Rhodesia. It was critical as a centre for European encounters with Batswana and provides evidence of Botswana’s first agro-towns.  Stone walls, middens (the stone remains of rondavels), rock paintings, and the remains of a prison, market centre and historic graves (both Europeans’ and Batswana’s) can all be seen in Palapye. The most unique structure is the London Missionary Society Church’s remains, built between 1891 and 1894. The burnt-brick form’s front and back still stand, giving some idea of the considerable effort that would have gone into its construction.

Some wild animals, such as baboons, vervet monkeys, porcupines, rock dassies and leopard, still inhabit the area. There are two Cape Vulture breeding colonies, the largest situated at Gootau, with more than 200 breeding pairs. The village headman must be approached to visit this site, and care should not disturb the birds. (source Botswana Tourism)

Bookings for accommodation can be made from any of the marathon’s hotel partners. Prices range from P400.00 to P3500.00 per night depending on the hotel or lodge chosen.

Runners are encouraged to choose discounted race packages that are inclusive of accommodation, race goodie bags and tourism excursions. See information on available hotels, lodges and race packages.

To make a booking please contact the details below: +26774395239 / 75480087 or email: centralsportscentre@gmail.com

Hotel/LodgeLocationDistance to Start Venue
Majestic Five HotelPalapye0km
Cresta Botsalo HotelPalapye5Km
Desert SandsPalapye5Km
African Homepalapye7Km
Tammy’s Palace HotelPalapye3Km
Moremi GorgeGoo Moremi55Km
Khama Rhino SanctuaryKhama Rhino75Km